Information for Clubs and Centres 

Information for Clubs and centres wishing to run or already running Sail to Learn Sessions

If you are a club or centre aready running Sail to Learn please send me information on the sessions with a photo so a featured article can be written.

Sail to Learn is a good way of attracting schools to your club or centre. Many will not attend purely for a taster session but as this has a Curriculum element it attracts more schools.

Pupils will spend less time on the water than they would on a taster day so this should be explained to the teacher.

More information on Sail to Learn and whether it would be of benefit to your club and centre is available in the Sail to Learn information for Clubs and Centre leaflet.

The first thing the school will ask is about the cost. Each club or centre has their own charging structure. The Funding for Sailing Sheet gives ideas of what funding is available for schools to pay for Sail to Learn activities.

A Sail to Learn Training day is being held on the 12th of November 2011. For more information or to reserve a place please contact Angie Sword

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Article Published: March 24, 2011 15:37

Article Updated: October 04, 2011 14:00


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