Angie Sword 

Regional Development Officer

I was appointed in April 2007 to a new post of OnBoard Development offcer. After working with other projects such as Sailing in the City my position then evolved to Development Officer. Within this role I look after the OnBoard Programme and linking Sailing to schools including the Sail to Learn programme. I am now working as a Regional Development Officer looking after part of the East of Scotland.

My previous work life has been varied with experience including programming and project work with various Life Assurance companies. I have run my own complimentary therapies business and have taught sailing and swimming on a freelance basis.

I have sailed since age 7. I have raced in toppers, lasers then contenders before moving into double handers laser 2's, fireballs, 505's then RS200's. I currently sail a laser and flying 15.

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Article Published: February 23, 2011 14:26

Article Updated: January 07, 2014 9:21


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